​High efficiency cell separation device with applications for cellular therapeutics and component collections

Cellular therapeutic applications

  • Mononuclear cell procedures
  • Therapeutic plasma exchange

Multiple component collection options

  • Single, double and triple platelet collections from a single donor
  • Single and double needle collection options
  • Use with and without Platelet Additive Solutions (PAS)
  • Concurrent plasma and RBC options

Data management enhanced

  • Operational efficiency reports
  • Paperless documentation
  • Seamless integration into BECS/BIS systems

Ease of use

  • Intuitive touch-screen
  • Integrated tray for simple kit installation
  • Automatic calculation of product options with flexibility for operator adjustment

Donor comfort

  • Choice of double or single needle procedure
  • Kits sterilized using irradiation to avoid risk of exposure to residual ethylene oxide
  • Solutions attached in manufacturing to decrease risk of error

Please note that this product may not be available in all countries due to different registration status.

If you require any information, please contact your local organization.