Disposable Circular Stapler

Type External Diameter (mm) Ring Cutting External Diameter (mm) No.of Titanium Staple Staple Height (mm)
P-CS-24 24 15 18 4.8/5.2
P-CS-26 26 17 20 4.8/5.2
P-CS-29 29 20 24 4.8/5.2
P-CS-32 32 22 30 5.2
P-CS-34 34 24 32 5.2
  1. Indicator window shows clearly and precisely for the thickness of tissue.
  2. Reasonable staples density to reduce hemorrhage after operation.
  3. Imported titanium wire to offer better strength and degree of stretch.
  4. One step forming anvil to ensure the staples formed completely.
  5. Bigger ratio between the outside and cutting diameters avoids anastomotic strictures.
  6. Set minimum anastomotic gap to avoid tissue damage because of over pressure.
  7. Ergonomic design,powerful and comfortable hand-feeling when using.

Apply to end to end,end to side,side to side anastomosis in esophageal, gastric,intestinal etc clinical operation.