Disposable Linear Stapler

Product Specifications

TypeSuturing Length L1ToleranceStaple HeightTolerance
P-LSA-30 (L/H)30±±0.2
P-LSA-45 (L/H)45
P-LSA-60 (L/H)60
P-LSA-75 (L/H)75
P-LSA-90 (L/H)90

Product Characteristics

  1. Clamp tissue automatically, firing with single hand is easier.
  2. The cartridge closure height can be adjusted according to the thickness of tissue.
  3. 2-stage closure function which is easier to adjust closure tissue.
  4. Imported titanium wire to offer better strength and degree of stretch.
  5. One step forming anvil to ensure te staples formed completely.
  6. Manual retaining pin to make operation more flexible.

Application Procedures

Apply to close stump and incision in gastric and intestinal operation.