Disposable PPH Stapler

Product Specifications

TypeLengthExternal diameterCutting diameterStaple height
P-GC-B32380 ± 1032 ± 1.522 ± 13.8 ± 0.3
P-GC-B3434 ± 1.525 ± 1
P-GC-B3636 ± 1.526 ± 1

Product Characteristics

  1. Consistent staple formation to reduce hemorrhage after operation.
  2. Imported titanium wire to offer better strength and degree of stretch.
  3. One step forming anvil to ensure the staples formed completely.
  4. Bigger space of cartridge, ensure enough space of containing tissue.
  5. The resection thickness can be adjusted according to the actual situation of tissue prolapse.
  6. Minimum anastomosis gap to avoid tissue damage because of over pressure.

Application Procedures

Apply to rectal mucosa prolapse in anal tube or hemorrhoid mucosa tissue suturing repair.