Disposable Skin Stapler

Product Details

TypeStaple ThicknessTolerance吻合钉成型尺寸L1 x hToleranceStaple Quantity

Product Characteristics

  1. Easy operation,flexible and convenient,nail out and suture smoothly and accurately, safe, high-efficiency and
  2. The wound of skin suturinng is small, avoid redamage of epidermis tissue, and more helpful for wound healing.
  3. Beautiful and smooth suturing. The wound is without centipede feet Healing scar is slight and neat.
  4. Shorten suturing time,reduce pain of patients, no painful feeling when remove te staples.
  5. Relieve work load of doctors and nurses, improve operation efficiency.
  6. Disposable sterile product. The price is cheap and it can be used widely.

Application Procedures

Routine wound closure.