Main features:

  • 19 inch LCD display
  • 4 probe connectors
  • Multi-angle adjustable joint arm design
  • Built-in 128G solid state drive, External USB storage
  • Humanized ergonomic design to improve the operating comfort
  • Probe automatic freeze protection to extend the life of the probe
  • Rich clinical measurement software, apply to various department
  • Display mode: B mode, C mode, PW mode, CW mode, real time 4D mode, B/C, B/C/PW, B/PW.

Probe optional:

  • Phased array probe
  • Convex probe
  • micro-convex probe
  • 4D volume probe
  • trans-vaginal probe
  • linear probe
  • trans-rectal probe

Comprehensive clinical application solutions:

  • A key optimization
  • Pulse Doppler
  • Energy Doppler
  • Tissue harmonic imaging
  • Capture peak blood flow
  • Three real-time synchronization
  • Quick user-defined settings: To meet the individual needs of different doctors and improve work efficiency
  • All-in-One Clipboard: The saved image is displayed at the bottom of the screen, which can be directly see or deleted

Rich clinical application:

  • Abdomen
  • regular women and obstetric measurement
  • urinary system
  • superficial tissue
  • cardiac function
  • peripheral blood vessels and so on