Disposable Curved Cutter Stapler

Type Suturing Length Tolerance Cutting Length Tolerance Stapler Height Tolerance
PHX-A-45 45 ±2 40 ±2 4.8 ±0.2
PHX-B-40 40 ±2 35 ±2 4.5 ±0.2
  1. Imported titanium wire to offer better strength and degree of stretch.
  2. One step forming anvil to ensure the staples formed completely.
  3. Offer 4 rows of curved staples to make the tissue anastomosis more tightly.
  4. Visible curved head-designed to expose anatomy better for surgery.
  5. Unique curved head-designed for lower pelvic access and enhanced visibility.
  6. Finish cutting and anastomosis synchronously to simplify resection of the distal end of the rectum and reduce

Apply for anastomosis and resection of tissue in gastrointestinal surgical procedures.